About Hotel

in hotel or hospitality industry, sustainable growth is always important for a hotel business owner. You will never encounter a hotel owner who is content with his hotel’s economic standing in the market.

A business’s market standing is purely dependent on its management. The best practices in hotel management include the installation and use of a Hotel Management System or Hotel Management Software.

Homan Hotel Management System is a management system that can assist hospitality organizations in five key areas: front office, accounting, marketing, daily management and operations. Front office features include reservations management and an availability chart to quickly identify vacancies in real-time.

Description Hotel

- Room Availability Chart
- Group Check-in
- Night Audit
- House Keeping Management

- Season Prices
- Split Folio
- Outlet Integration
- Keycard Integration

Data Hotel

- Hotel Profile
- Room Master Data
- Floor Master Data
- Room Rate
- Season Rate
- Date Rate

- Reservation Data
- Guest Check-in & Check-out Data
- Room Check-in & Check-out Data
- Folios


- Sales Report
- Transaction Report
- Payment and Billing Report

- Cash Flow
- Inventory Report
- Voucher Report